Rachel Adams

Once a month cooking or OAMC is where you have your menu set and you pretty much prep cook everything, cool then freeze. You thaw what you made and then bam bake, broil, and crock pot cook the meal and all the hard work is done!

Now I just got into this and I must say for just doing 2 weeks I had all but 2 meals done. It took a couple of hours (like 4) to chop, mince, stir, pour and more. Once I had my stuff done I just followed the recipe and now almost my entire menu is made and ready to be thawed out and baked, broiled or what have you.

I am wanting to do a whole month work the meals to see how much money I would be saving besides having to buy all the freezer containers and such. But if it's worth it just imagine all the food that can premake ahead of time from all my favorite cookbooks (granted it's only GBP so far ) that can do this with.

The main rule to understand is what doesn't freeze well and plan to keep those items in the pantry or fridge until you are actually cooking the meal. There are many resources on the web so I will hook you all up with some links to help get you started! I can't leave you all in the dark like that...that would be mean.

http://www.food.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=222392 this site gives a really good break down on OAMC
http://www.once-a-monthcooking.com/ this is the official OAMC site
http://www.dinnersinthefreezer.com/ this site give OAMC recipes and more
http://tipnut.com/once-a-month-cooking-buncha-links/  - This site is the best there is a bunch of links to check out
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