Rachel Adams
Don't it look so pretty?

I must thank Fort Lewis for the FREE crabapples that are 100% organic. If wasn't for you I couldn't make this jam nor could my neighbor that I have been teaching canning and preserving too. I love free fruit and veggies to process and can up for the winter :)

7 1/4 lbs. crabapples stems removed quartered
equal sugar to juice made
1 evelope liquid pectin


In a big pot place washed and quarted crabapples without peeling them. Place in a preserving pan, just cover with cold water, and simmer gently until soft and tender.Drain through a jelly bag or a metal sieve. Shift the pulp occassiaonally to keep juice flowing ; do not force the juice as this will make the juice cloudy which in turn will make cloudy jelly. Measure out juice to ensure equal parts of sugar and bring to boil. Once to a rolling boil that can not be stirred down add the liquid pectin and continue to boil till dropped on a cold plate until it jells on the plate (plate test) . Fill jars ( I got 4 pints) seal and process for 10-20 min. min.

This would be best served on a nice brown cinnamon bread or a cinnamon swirl bread to bring out that nice apple taste taste. Surprisingly it's not tart at all and has very nice lemon undertone considering that I never put lemon juice in it.

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