Rachel Adams
Looks so yummy...and it is!

So I got a new cookbook today and what is it about???? Espressos!!!! I love my espresso machine and since there are so many wonderful flavors that one can play with the possibilities are endless. So this one particular recipe caught my eye and thus behold a new favorite was born.

Chocolate Marshmallow Latte:

1/2 oz.  thick chocolate syrup I used Hersey's Dark Chocolate syrup
1/2 oz. marshmallow flavored syrup Torani's makes this syrup
Foamed/steamed milk
toasted marshmallows
Use the syrups first in the 1st layer.
Add your espresso (any where from 2-4 oz depending on how much flavor or caffeine you want)
Then add the foamed/ steamed milk.
Garnish with the toasted marshmallows. This is best done with a creme brule torch or a really good grill torch lighter.


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