Rachel Adams
                                                  Image Owned By Starbucks..Just borrowed

Fontana™ Bittersweet Chocolate Mocha Sauce 2 pumps 3 pumps 4 pumps
Fontana® Coconut Syrup 2 pumps 3 pumps 4 pumps 
Espresso Roast 1 shot 2 shots 3 shots
Chilled Milk 6 fl oz 7 fl oz 9 fl oz
Ice Fill with ice 1/4" below rim
Whipped Cream Top with whipped cream

Now I love to goggle recipes as much as the next person and with this I can not claim this recipe at all. This is actually 100% all Starbucks recipe. The link provided here http://www.starbucksfs.com/Recipes belongs all to Starbucks. I am just re-posting it here. Thank you Starbucks for making such addictive drinks, cos I know I will still buy them from cos it's hard to make them at home when chasing after a 5 year old and dealing with the army, Oh how I love you for giving me some sanity to a chaotic life!