Rachel Adams

Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms. They are all around, be they ornamental or heck even the real deal nothing reminds me more of spring than that little flower. Since here in Washington the word on the street is "Spring has Sprung"...I figured why not make this soda while working on the front and back gardens? Enjoy!

1 1/2 oz. cherry syrup (Torani's makes this)
1/4 oz. Orange & Lemon Syrup (Torani's makes this)
Soda Water
Grenadine Syrup (Rose's is the brand I know)

Pour over ice, the cherry syrup. Add the orange and lemon syrups. Fill with soda water. Splash of grenadine syrup.

It's all pretty simple. Now if the drink comes out too sweet you can change the amounts of syrup that you use.