Rachel Adams
                                                    Borrowed from Ranch House BBQ

 As you all know that my husband is in the Army and we are currently stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. Being in the military makes it hard for us misplaced southerns to find something that reminds of home. Thanks to Google and the urge for yours truly not wanting to cook I found this restaurant and fell in LOVE!

Now being the foodie that I am I have to say the sampler platter they have which is MORE than enough to feed 2 people and you will leave feeling full. I was super impressed with the BBQ. I told hubby that I OMGosh I'm back home! The ribs were mouthwatering and the slight hint of being smoked was in every bite...the meat is so tender you can use a fork (I rather use my fingers to eat them).

There was 2 different types of bbq on the plate, one of which is the standard pulled bbq and it was so tender and moist there was no way that it had been smoked that day...but yup it was. The second type they had was what we call chuck BBQ back home it was also perfectly seasoned, moist and had that great hickory smoked flavor to it. Bonus for us is that their bbq at the Ranch House isn't vinegar based and for that we love them!

The sides you get are just as yummy too. The potato salad is almost the same as my mom makes and one bite my taste buds were dancing for joy and the memories of my mom making her potato salad for summer cook outs were as vivid as when she was standing in the kitchen making it. The garlic fries are to die for! They use real minced garlic and they are seasoned just right with salt and pepper that you don't need anything to dip them in...I still use ranch cos well it's the best!

The strawberry lemonade is so refreshing that my 5 year old son begs for more every time he has it. It's made with real strawberries not that syrup stuff and mixed with the lemonade it's like having summer in a glass no matter the weather outside. 

The restaurant is decorated  with ribbons from and trophies they have won from all over Washington and Oregon state as well as few from Canada. There is some kind of southern charm there with old metal signs from back in the day and old oil lanterns, gingham curtains that makes you feel like your at home.

The waitstaff is friendly, out going and very informative of what's on the menu, what tastes good and sides compliment the BBQ or what have you that you might be interested in. Would I go back to eat you better sweet potato rolls I would and how. If your missing that down home southern feel and food this is the place to be!

You can check them out here:  http://www.ranchhousebbq.com/

Ya'll have good time now and don't forget to a picture of the yunging's with the pig statue when ya first come in!