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Frugal cooking isn't a new concept at all. Our grandparents did it during World War 1 and 2. With the ever increasing cost of food these days every parent is trying to make sure they healthy meals but aren't going broke to make them.

Alot of great ideas are the OAMC recipes...these are great and yes I have tried them and to be honest it's not really all that cost effective; if you take in the time that you have to be away from  family cos your cooking alot of meals then freezing them. I'm sure for that there is a better way. When it comes to the grilling of meats OAMC is good for that because you can freeze the meat with the marinade. 

Crock-pot meals are great too because we all know that cooking with a crock-pot it uses less than 25% of electricity that a normal stove uses, which saves you money. I would suggest for this if you have a big crock-pot around the 6-7 quart size and your a family of 4 that you double recipe. How is that cost effective. You can still do the normal serving size as indicated in the recipe but you can freeze the remaining servings for another day. Before you know it you will have plenty of meals saved up and saving money.

But lately scanning the net for recipes there have been budget recipe challenges such as the stretch your dollar, The 5$ dinner menu, 7$ days and etc. I find it interesting, but the one question I have about all of this is...are these meals healthy? Surprisingly they are! I'm going to include my links as always...please show love and tell the owners if possible that Renegade Foodie At Large sent ya!


Rachel Adams
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Super excited today I used 2 of my 3 for free coupons that I got to try these oh so yummy delectable edible good for you treats. So in a couple days be on the look out if you....I will be having a giveaway for the last free coupon I have and updated review of the 2 bags I got, cos we all know I am a carbaholoic and well this will help me feel not so guilty!

Again GIVEAWAY coming up soon!

Rachel Adams
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I'm a serious carbaholic at night when I read or watch tv. I got the chance to try a couple of these super yummy looking chips, crackers and more. I signed up here >http://www.foodshouldtastegood.com/programs/bloggers

I am going to try a couple of varieties and then post my review of said product. My outcome I hope is that they aren't now where as greasy & salty as chips, they taste as good as look and most of all I can find said product in my local grocery store, which seems to be a big (ok) huge turn off for me here in the west coast.

As soon as I and my family try these chips and crackers I will post my thoughts and that of my family...granted my 6 year old will like them regardless because to him they are chips and he loves chips. So keep your eyes posted and who knows I might be reading your review of Food Should Taste Good on your blog!